the Vicious Paradigm of a Likewise Novel


Vice is an innate companion of men since times immemorial, a staunch acquaintance we carry along for most of our lives more or less consciously and scarcely ever treat as a natural factor in the social process that gave modern society from reasons imbued with prejudice. Except vice had not taken a conceptual form until morals began to rearrange the first civilizations in a proceeding quite similar to how the idea o beauty was shaped by our experience of the antagonist, of ugliness. Exactly how our view of life emerges with the acknowledgement of our imminent demise.

Alas, only under Death’s looming presence can one crack through one’s preconceived notions and grant personal values to such abstract terms as vice. Because, perchance, we yield to a congenital need to discover us and diligently investigate what our potential conceals in the event that we may serendipitously stumble upon an antidote under the form of immortality.

This is, at least, what I set out to explore across my first English novel (or, rather, novella) which puts forth a character whose conscience is decimated by the advent of his bereavement, a man dipped in gold, a hedonistic prodigy mediocrity terrifies the most, a playboy with substance and a convict of his own brilliance that fails in his luxurious and sensual attempts to forget he has chosen his death.

If interested to relish the stark confession of a luciferian genius or merely desire to be transported to the Rome of both existentialist obsessions and lascivious glamor, you can purchase

Vicious on Amazon


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Vicious on Lulu



2 responses to “the Vicious Paradigm of a Likewise Novel

  1. I don’t understand.., what?! How am I the first comment – it doesn’t make sense. Irrespective of my claim for “1st”, like children inevitably do, I just wanted to say that I’ve read an extract. I appreciate your written word and even as one of the abhorred community who will oft pirate the material I possess – I will actually intend to purchase your writing. Much love and empty promises. Will.

    • I must confess this candid comment is a worthy no 1 for this post! I’m inevitably happy to have had my pride tickled by your kind appreciation of my work (for which it is only natural to deliver thanks) and earnestly hope you’ll read the whole novella to here share your impressions! However, if incapable, for one reason or the other, to purchase it, check the “Free Read/Give Heed” promotion under “Ebooks Piquant” for an opportunity to access it freely.

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